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since 14.03.02
Name: Christian Bayer
Nickname: 001-1_XZ6e     
Age: 06/18/81
Relationship: Ask me
Job: Database developer
Business: Mind management
Hobbies: Yamaha keyboard, computer, roller-skating, TV, radio.
Interests: I am since 9 years psychotic, but health and try to find a job.
Christian Bayer portrait

My person:
My life started in Hofweier near the city Offenburg. I am a funny person and I have the reason to life. I lived in a big house with my parents and a twin brother. I do not take drugs and I life in self-chosen freedom. I want to work, and I am working strong on myself. My main aims are now to get a starting job with a good work and career.

My aims:
In my life, I love to play Yamaha keyboard music or electronic music systems. I like doing good work with a group and to pay attention to my working friends and other members. I am every day friendly, and I do want to laugh much.

Sign. Christian Bayer

© 2002 by Christian Bayer

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