But: I am from the other side.

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Welcome to my personal Homepage

See the links at top, for my small Stories. It is necessary: Why not count happy people for deter-mining the therapy of healthy made people?

My Super IQ Number is: 7.75 (Divisor), I have a timescale or timeaxe. I love to play with: Fantazy. I have a brain. The ID: is cool. I have a lifestyle Methusalem.

This website is decated to my friends and so on. I am making here a statement for therapy and medicine. We provide a way for every human - to overlife. Thats it, have a fine read.

I am very deaph, so I can not hear comments, without written internet transfer. I am also not reading in telepathy every time somebody, so keep good. I do not like mobbing, Jinkiez and Voicer. I have not a super Hepephreniy so go and speak with me, without some problems. I wish every one a good little problem care. Freedom and Frieden!

Am I (deadly ill) non/Diverse? Diverse is a sexual statement. Many people (in this) have a bubble and stages, by feeling the same way like me. I like the jewish way and I think the same, and every religion have the rights of to stay.

Bank Code: YESS or Account: 1 .
The base is SDT. It's therapeutic the shanti.

Ps: Carry, 61, Nergel, Damage, Baby, Listener, Damon.

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The entrance to the only life. My interpretation of time. A life of shame, a world of no return. See the essentials. A world full of artistic intelligence. Free time in my hobby, and happiness in life. I love my problems, that's the way. All my life, end. - I think about my website and am glad who I am. Yes, it's me. Finished true the miracle of promise. Finish the death via JavaScript. Delusion of truth established in the wording of the gods. No one will know, here it is set in stone. Hear who's speaking. My name is Thank God not God, spoke Google and kept looking. Yes the light of the world Darkness is black, by light and goodness I mean you only get on. Feel the little spark of hope the Lord is light.

Sorcery says: Search the the Word. Goodbye. Spoken by "The last instance" !!!