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Some people and me has realized that without invests, google produces no visitors. But there are other ways.

Important Things:
Analytics: What do I need to say? Analytics is code input able through Tagmanager. One funny thing is to watch the pages in realtime. Also very important are the Conversions for example for Google Ads. Another practic thing is the filter non-bounce users.

Tagmanager: Here should you use the normal setting with the Standard, Page views option as trigger. It is possible to fire a tag only after 3 impressions.

Goodle-ads: If you need/use a cheap price the visitors are only mobile users. The cheapest high Visitors are from Indien and Bangladesh. It is the fact, that youtube-videos are a good placer for cheap visitors. Maybe but a price for the visit of 0,10 EUR is better or necessary. 

Search Console: Shows what search keywords matter. And here is a sitemap import able function.

Good adittions are: pingdom and microsoft clarity. Also to Google-Optimize (from Google) and Quantcast. Using a webhook and ifttt there is no need for an iframe with php.

A good thing is that google can connect each services with another.
But: You will nowhere get good cheap 0.1 Cost visitors.