The Root of all evil

When a total change in brain mass (intelligence) leads to the disease; 
is this then a delusion ??

Sexual desire therapy

I am an artist, writing for the good mental life on my web page. I give You the knowledge how to entertain yourself with Music.



After I worked so long at my web site, music got the important key.
I love music because it is so entertaining. Music is for me the key fact in life.

My own music collection (my bought music CDs) is the importantly thing.
I can hear it with my CD-player, my Computer, my MP3 Player.
The best thing is that I only hear my bought and real CDs.
To hear my CDs, I copy all on my computer as personal copies.
Music is the key for my brain where it can say it relaxes.
I was working hard for this key so use it sure and right.

This home page is an art image that no one can break or buy.


Do not be so angry about me, if you are reading this web-page
and even do not be angry if I spoke to you about this web-page
or if I behaved wrong with it with you.

The souls and real lives of this population is now protected again and the answer is true.




And I lived happily ever after.

(DE:) Die Krankheit heist: Zurrungen.

Summary: This illness is (a) sense of self, not the end. I’m I’m the Love also a piece of dirt. The illness is LUSTIG or Scharade. My name is 1, and Pabel this means Höbele. My Psychology Articles produce the “pure Placebo”. My IQ is freund or on the other hand Looser. My catholic Mutation is: Kris.. I’m an Object or Product. The website or ability is endless or Working-intensive. The overall Word is love. -- Tactic mistake: Who and/or what am I and the Ability? .? Ability proof: Health, Security, Complexity and brilliant Numbers; imimt. Love; also there exist 4 church persons near the family. Metaadliser Proof: Religion.!!! Who and/or what am I and my Ability? No company (-website). !! Child induced Hammer. !! Motto: das ist schleichendes AIDS; Gesund. Motto: this is creeping AIDS; Healthy.

Happy Day


Prologue Chapter 2.

Many people suffer after pubescent under their further life. My e-Psychology Product Articles can Aid and defeat a lapse of taste. Low things helps you with his wisdom further to get no new illness. I have my Visual Thinking. With Medicine there is no health of Love. Silence SIL for Anti-.Stress and Pipilogy. Death Stop is the most difficult disease to cure, because of AIDS. Street U99. BirthDaids health for the masses. The web helps all. The disease of blunting and web and also KPS (killer impassion) is helped and written here. The wisdom I tell here is dedicated to cybernetic.