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7, too good for this world
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How is love explainable?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the WebMaster welcomes you on the homepage. I am gods whore. I am my business. A 59 seconds website! Trapped in the dream world. The Webspace for all and everything. Webmaster playground. Ich habe euch liep.; I love you guys.

I say, Welcome to the personal psychology website. Here you can read about my thoughts and hobbies, and get insights into life. My lifestyle music medicine can help you relax and enjoy life more. I hope you enjoy reading about my lifestyle, music, medicine, and more.

Sorry I am not having an ability: I am simply a stupid small human!


Digest version:
I love my life. My nickname is Kris., and I'm mind manager and database designer. I am shy and dear friends, music and women. My first computer had MS-DOS and I was active in clubs. My life is without money. I love drinking Coca-Cola. I have a very high body volume. You are Finished. We're full of nonsense. I prefer: rest and summer. Marketing is important professionally. I'm no longer addicted to digital crime. The secret game of the 4400 (TV series) is out.

I am a database designer and mind manager. I am shy. I am not addicted to digital crime. I am, I am, the "love". Result: 00000. It seems that the future direction, is that (work)aholic and that alcohol consumption is critical.

Zero is one, and the summary is two. A function has no solution. - I am database designer and mind manager. I am shy.

Zero and zero are one, and the summary of zero is two. The bolsche usage has no solution. The worth of a variable is: R. Yes, is not the solution of allowing parallel to do everything. If everything on the earth is as is no, means this is worthless. How high is zero? Am I an ability or have you read that now? That's meta ability model, how the air to breathe, the super Homepage.

The secret of my Ability is: Attraction.

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PS: Intimate length multiplicated with lust is a iQ of 225 points.