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The Methuselah Project⁴
7, too good for this world
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Epilogue Chapter 2.

Artificial inteleligence can help us in entertaining our life. It can help by social things and can aid in to be not so alone and against a lapse of taste. E-Psychology articles help in  this further. This is the first low step against illness. I have visual thinking. Love medicine is the key. SIl, silence for anti-stress and pipi syndrome. He wanted death stop. Street U99. Survived the BirthDaids. Web is here for help of interested peoples. Artifical and DNA and neuro logic sciene helps us in future health. Cybernetic networks solve the next world problems. I will help you, because my name is IQAZ. My very own a tragedy. Inputs and so concepts are ok. Chriss in joy and luck or church. Check the long happiness. Greets Stoner Alien.