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The Methuselah Project⁴.
7, too good for this world.
QouQou: Black Shadow.
I’m a DYLM.

All with Short Notes online

Who or/and what, with ability? Coin. I end with the words, chocolate lens. Our Christus Baker as Jeopardy; Jesus Ancestors; Jesu,. -> Raddle.

Harmful substances. || defender / idiology / sight.
In clear text: The illness and ability is harmful substances.
The Solution to the riddle: XX5XX.

Danger Sectors

: You are Beautiful

The illness is called: OAGY.



The (fascination) proof of the Ability is: Erotic.
Tream of No Sex ;-)

QuoQuo2: "lOl";
The solution for The Walking Dead.
If there is a help for us, it must be god. Moreover if there is a rescue, it is only justice by god. The middle of my whole life is god. I'm a thousand-sadder. Allround Concept: Lapidar Reality.

STOP: 2100 Seiten, Ca. 1500 Bix (Objekte), Bär.

KuKu: kontrovers - Lyric - VOF - EMOTION - Fachwissen: Computer! - Belegte Gründe - Belegte Anschauung - Negotiation - Manner - Narrowing - Vorurteils belegte - Occupied Prejudices - Vorurteilsfrei - Neu: Nick: Ätsch - QoQo: ice. - Belegte Reize/Erfahrungen - Occupied inputs - Word = inputs - Die Frage aller Fragen?? - Quo: so so - See you.
PS: not with me anymore.

Stop Points:

  1. 2100 Pages
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  3. too much to good
  4. Bär