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The Methuselah Project⁴. 7, too good for this world. QouQou: "200".
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Made at 12:59 pm at Fr. 1. Oct. 2021
I was thinking about the teeth and so on.

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Foreword: Who and, or, what, how, with ability? I am a food. This is me from Hofweier. I write with all my love and my texts. Everything I say is true. And everything I interpret is a hint. Please read the texts as they are, so let it be as it is here, works from my life in writing. Get more new articles. The direct situation must improve. I have scripts and works that have never been there. So everything is good. That's what Christian Bayer means with his underground stories. Laugh, laugh, laugh, or laugh. In love with a girl who is named no one.