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Design meets – fashion

The bad side at this page is that it is not in style. We wear things and cannot imagine how the world is running us away. A new fact with us is the new work and working with finances, with that, to get back at the theme, we buy clothes and that what we want. We are not buying the whole time, but we buy what we self like. We wear what we like most, and for a longer time. Style is the best way to work around with what we are and how we feel. Nevertheless, we should not forget to blame and make angry no one. Several different styles are girls styles for example. Another example is the different wearing at different places at our body. However, to see this from a different point, we imagine we are at home of a good friend, and he is wearing the best trousers that we have ever seen, and we think I want the same! Nevertheless, it would never be the same for us, would not it? To do not talk, much I guess you: You should wear how you like it. Silly text, but it works probably at that. I do not want to say that anyone should wear something crazy, but sometimes it fits very well. To get more official you should not forget the right rings and ear-wear. To do your a bit more beautiful, you should use a bit of cream that you blink good. I am mentioning a good sunny and not cool perfume to taste fine. Your trousers colour should be preferably black and with high-heels and a good design, and please sport-shoes are so an old design. My fact is: All are people, but they all wear different designs.

Epilogue Chapter 2.

In my Articles I define Lifestyle as an example in which reasons we think and our definition of that. I give Aid in manipulating e-Psychology for fashion and to do not get a lapse of taste. The Low factor of illness is the real problem of this disease. I have my Visual Thinking. Love is the best Medicine. SIL is silence, we need no anti in stress. We do the pipilogy. Anti-Stress is the most provite thing. My own death problem is stop now. Street U99. My project ended with BirthDaids. My web is like a home. The blunting is one of germany his biggest problems. The cybernetic of things. Is it IQAZ, yes it is. The tragedy gets bigger and bigger. Inputs with a concept are best.