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The Methuselah Project⁴
7, too good for this world
QouQou: "31"


I think sometimes early at the spring, but sometimes it is surprising me. I think the spring is a beautiful time. Because it has the right temperature and the right feels that it is the best scene for long walks and new trips with friends. The theme is the spring and its beautiful thoughts. I think very happy to these scenes. Perhaps we sit at the beautiful grass and talking a good long time. The past has shown that there is no better situation as sitting in the grass and talking, all times. There were sometime times you can sit and talk to everybody about so many differently themes. Here, it could be that you use problems, and that you lose touch with what you are remembering. Many people are talking many unrelated stories that the best fact is to cross the situation silently. To start the theme over again you need attention to go in your surroundings back. A simple situation could be so hard that you lose control at the profanity for your time in spring. The thoughts at coming holidays are a hard main fact according to life and hope and to give a reason to the way we life. Hope and memories are often dispatched and are relations for me to think about the sense of words and feels. Someone who is viewing a memory is: Someone who will be loved. To start the spring you should get again to know how you fine your memories. I am coming without to see all literally only to one answer. My wisdom is: I am thinking only from myself according to my past thoughts I did relate with other.

Epilogue Chapter 2.

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