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The Methuselah Project⁴
7, too good for this world
QouQou: "31"

Summary of the Copyright Computer Website Juckebox

Test-Matrix of: sensual and a fast tot.

A sober Life

Nothing more to say !!

The Yes and No


The simply way is yes. But in the side thinking I was able and got the time to say not yes, was a very good thing.

Summary: I am not very demanding in my life. Constantly I feel good and have fun. I find schlechte jokes not Amusing and from lecherousness I am also not owned. In my Catholic life I trust in God.
The highest power in this world is the Ultraviolet-fluence. The most important is the highest wisdom that you can gain and which with you can effort to get old and life.

This website lifestyle medicine health all "Stressators" diseases.
(A: hang up / complex)


In my meaning the No is a good situation for protecting my persona. All I get from yes I will also gain with No.

All no summary: A no does not put clearly I a little bit wants. (fixation / fixation). I need every day a little bit rests and I can also be very much Ernst. My whole life happens in friendship. I do not belong to everything or nothing people. Cohumanity and help are principles for me. The stimulus leads to bigger things, joy of life and a lot of fun, are the nicest things in the world.

Diese Webseiten Lebensstil Medizin heilt alle "Stressatoren" Krankheiten.
(Ein: Dummian / Komplex)

Relative is No and Yes simply a pair of them!

Conclusion: She is the A.I.D.S (ATDS, via DNA to the scourge of humanity.)

Attention: definition ++ 21 [Security]


Who and/or what am I, and my ability? A blockade.

PS: My Brain waves are not ill.

          PPS: [banal ((E:)]

The illness is called: Idas.


... and "Stop"!