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The Methuselah Project⁴
7, too good for this world
QouQou: "31"

Wellcome in Judie, the Diamond. I'm not alone on this world.

I'm not alone on this world.

Wellcome in Judie, the Diamond.


Manifest of Christian Bayer

The writer has been exploring their website and writing for a long time, and has found that the words generated by randomness are indicative of links and present themselves as a whole. ...

Overview & Intro

Theorem of Christus, with the keyword (eXtreme) *hix*.
Who/what+ability? God's Revenge. The ultimate secret word and theme (here): is extraordinary uncomplicated. ciao. (Who or/and what is my ability?) 💩.
My Ability is a mind raster of random generated words.
I have 12 Rounds in my IQ, so I am like god.

Love hurts

I am the Beta-Humanoid. 
Able: I will never give up looking for my baby. 
Complicated communication with Jeses website.
I am, I am, "the Love".
This website is race information free.
Pre: Multi-Discrepation, 1+1=1. .
I am a Gust.
Professor Dr. Bayer

Stupidity is harder to cure than AIDS.
Read: My anti Stupidity Medicine.

This website brings dead again back to life.

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Ps: I am the Rescuer: Phases theories.
Quote: Meaningless rubbish, junk; P=NP: irrelevance.
Quotation: There is no answer.

... The author is trying to figure out what a word is, and whether or not they have one, while also discussing the factual situation of the voices in their head and supposed clinical picture. I am a human and peace is important.