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The Methuselah Project⁴
7, too good for this world
QouQou: "31"

Prof. Dr. Christian Self-hoax as:

My IQ able Computer Proof:


Bogus + Rape + Submission

Love is stronger than death: If you read this, I reached the On*t*on.

The latest idea is, sone: a biological psychological Hormone in the body, and exactly that is the best highest protect against dumbness.. You are the proof, closed! Madox

Statement: I have a unbreakable Will. [Mental richest Human]

There is no solution:
Behavioral flaw absorber !!

I am Terminator resistance Useless!
I'll be back.

Website test for my 94% iQ Termination:

Selfie Terminator
Terminator → Zwecklos: Erster Click Wikipedia, zwei Terminator, 3. Antiterminator, 4. Terminator (Genetik), 5. Attenuation (Genexpression), 6. Riboswitch, 7. Transkription (Biologie), 8. Transcription (biology) ENGLISCH, 9: Nucleic acid, 10. Nucleic acid DEUTSCH, 11. xDNA, 12. B-DNA, 13. Doppelhelix, 14. a-Helix, 15. Helix,  16. Die Doppelhelix; 17. Nachwort, 18. Addendum, 19. Anhang (Begriffsklärung), 20. Rudi Anhang, 21. Buenos Aires, 22. Dezentralisierung (Politik), 23. Dezentralisierung (Politik) ENGLISCH, top-down - without centralized control, use.  Endergebnis 23.: Dezentralisierung (Politik) ENGLISCH, use(less).


😂 Terminator = Dezentralisierung = disorganized Hebephrenie !!!? (Terminator)

I am "Terminator B":
and goes Burden out: Blue, Black, Block, Bayer.

This indicates a full talent.

PS: Konzentration

Me is: I am: "I am the Love"! This Medicine Lifestyle is a, "pure Placebo". The fire in you. CLOSED; - Anecdote: The solution is: Höbele; let's call it: natural beauty.; = Der Patient; (What is a Human?); - easy Cool [DOUGH];. ... END; TIME OUT; is: elaztic. Fap and religion! Ability: Element Cite: I am, I am "The Love"; so a (extraordinary) piece of dirt. // Zitat: Ich bin, ich bin „Die Liebe“; also ein (außergewöhnliches) Dreckstück. So stay a human, and believe in it that you can not set everything up. (infinite) Danger: HIGH METAADLISER

Your Looser

Your Freund

- a medicine against all mental disorders.

I'm like the rain. (irrational)

 Terminal illness
COMPte Pain Ability