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The Methuselah Project⁴
7, too good for this world
QouQou: "31"

My hometown

I life near the end of a small village and there is every day the question where to go out with my friends. We now go to the Junior-Club party. It is a lot of fun to meet others because we believe to get being has seen by one another. I suggest a good hairstyle and normal clothes. The difference between old and new clothes is to wear them differently. How I get in touch is well-known. I am speaking like crazy and dance until the morning. My intention is to play the perfect boy. Hey, alcohol is super OUT and please minimally wait until you can invite someone. Visitors are arriving every minute. I prefer with my alcohol a cold Coca-Cola to be smarter.
The party finally ends when all doors are shut and love takes the whole night. In addition, I am telling not every evens the same story. An own problem is there fast discussed. You need a bit of fun yourself, to get in touch with the best times. Better was discussion about habits, your feels and your problems in the evening. Good fun should be the main task, and you should stay in touch with your main habits to do not stay unfriendly. In my own life, the most important thing was the right speech, but possibly are the facts maybe more important.
Think in your thoughts, already at your attention.

Epilogue Chapter 2.

I love my parties and I am very nice and friendly in it. Everything can be a club but the main thing is it is with my friends. I write as articles how to behave and aid others. e-Psychology is a good form of getting entertained his friends. And a lapse of taste can be a good contra. Overall the problem of low illness is here the fact in that we life. The done Visual thinking. Against love helps no medicine. Psy pipilogy against stress as SIl anti-stress. This website makes death stop possible. StreetU99. The ended of the world with BirthDaids. Web business is a good goal. Blunting and web refers to the hardest source of illness. Network in cybernetic for everyone. The so done personal nickname of me is IQAZ. My own life tragedy is over. Inputs proofs the concept. We are in luck with Chriss or church. Much chances of long happiness. Greets Stoner Alien.