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The Methuselah Project Discrimination  MEDiAlity
, too good for this world.

My hometown

I life near the end of a small village and there is every day the question where to go out with my friends. We now go to the Junior-Club party. It is a lot of fun to meet others because we believe to get being has seen by one another. I suggest a good hairstyle and normal clothes. The difference between old and new clothes is to wear them differently. How I get in touch is well-known. I am speaking like crazy and dance until the morning. My intention is to play the perfect boy. Hey, alcohol is super OUT and please minimally wait until you can invite someone. Visitors are arriving every minute. I prefer with my alcohol a cold Coca-Cola to be smarter.
The party finally ends when all doors are shut and love takes the whole night. In addition, I am telling not every evens the same story. An own problem is there fast discussed. You need a bit of fun yourself, to get in touch with the best times. Better was discussion about habits, your feels and your problems in the evening. Good fun should be the main task, and you should stay in touch with your main habits to do not stay unfriendly. In my own life, the most important thing was the right speech, but possibly are the facts maybe more important.
Think in your thoughts, already at your attention.

Prolog Kapitel 2.

Since I do not arrive at party, I decided not to think about it. I write some articles and this paragraph does not make sense. Since I have to think about how persons can get my aid, and then to resign. This is the same as Eve and the apple, if not everyone would be allergic to religion, the sky would be so beautiful. I did not own a club and could not even afford five euros for it. Yes, that was the world. Since I am very suffering from a minor illness I can not think what it is, I have time. Unfortunately, I do not see any future for me and this humanity because I work very well on what it feels to me like suffering. Everything except arrogance show me the pleasure and yet I am the little man who begrudge it. Oh dear, you little illness was worth hope (and me neither) but I can not escape what the escape would be worth. Love is not just a word, but when can I speak, escapes in a big place where all people talk. Love, love, how are you to me, all in vain, or at the same time rejoicing in cheating Heaven to death, yet so far away. All in all, nothing is free, yet everything is life and you are never alone. The fog in a strange place, the arrow hits you in the heart, he flies away. And you look after him. Pursuit of happiness and hope, where there is none, love without ceasing, so that rest is. The arrow hits your heart, the stone unfortunately too, all in vain, your life only smoke. Everything better than the loneliness and only you know the deep abysses of your suffering. If you have come where no one else came, no one else would have fled so far. Suffering, suffering, only you, life can internalize, that only you have. An allergy is a violence send through your body, called soul. No factor of brain mistake here.