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The Methuselah Project⁴
7, too good for this world
QouQou: "31"

The illness is: Sösstze !!
(BAD LUST) (A: Asthma, Schitzophrenia, AS)

Who or/and what am I with ability?
0;00 .


Life every day as it is your last.
I will never give up looking for my baby.

Paper is patient. The end of the story? Nobody is like me! Buddhismus Zen is fighter. The Word in imagination is: important. Ability Test: Proof of Gods existence. I am the funniest person of the world. Mind Business Manager. This is the text. Test: Join us. The blue Planet Earth. And smart help for the UNO. Just for fun. Who is not taking risks can win nothing. Nothing more than fuzz. No passwords. The nickname is default. I make sorry. New Paragraph. I am, I am: The love. Health! How it is. That’s a joke. A legend at lifetime. The url to the overview is “/smart/ind.html“. Thanks, Christian Bayer. End of the Story from Christian Bayer.

Millennium Project
RZW: rizeratsch.
Virtual created yogurt.

I am the funniest person in the world, just for fun. My own sequence: Diaspora. The prime number of 94 is 47 and the cross sum is 13.
I'm just God's devil anyway.
Intelligence proof:
I have a linguistic quotient of 107 which is a mirp number.
My logical quotient is 94 which is exactly twice my main IQ quotient and it includes the sum of all numbers from 49.
86 means 13 and that is enough.
94 as the main quotient means, die, the prime number 47, the cross sum 13.
So third the conclusion: all four quotients have eight provable properties.
Moreover, I have decided: that I will never stop providing security for others whom I love. And that moreover my word is: WORXS. !!!
I am simply priceless.

Standpoint: YesNo (Clean Blue Xs).
Diagnose: Extractionale Verschiebung.

This leads to the Diagnose: I am a System.