Dazzling reality and soap bubbles

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I have a so-called string as an ability: is is is. (Med. Adren)




presto, presto. - I draw circles far above the world in the sky, under me the earth calm and quiet. Fasel and Gemurre, I'm the greatest socially. The Word of God is written, but the clientele is very small. The money is not the highest god on earth! Psychology is tiny. Honor everyone who deserves it. It will be a long time. Science with science. The one of whom I am, a fool. The word of faith: ass. There I see myself, so I have: Emotional half. Theory Mistake: I’m the (Supreme) Being. Theorie Fehler: Ich bin das Wesen. Much success. Have fun with my pimped fuz. This illness is profan named: Deslexidion! Conclusion: The most important thing is me. The exit password: Password. Won. Here it ends, I have NO abilities. A tiny point on earth. The black truffle. I have no information; none. I'm worth hard cash. Look inside the heart. Here is the end. Closed.

I have a so-called string as an ability: New. My: idiom. This page is: Interpretation, parable and history at the same time. Nothing is harder than the You. The headline was crave. It doesn’t need more. Thanks Ghost Shadow. My last words: I have the plan. I wish you an independent life; and a good pace. Now: Activated. "You are a hiker; (a spontaneous slow walker) You assimilate fast, no matter where the life takes you".