Organic Love

The Methuselah Project⁴
7, too good for this world
QouQou: "31"


Explanation of my Homepage Theories


My own life aims to the discovery of aliens and artificial computer intelligence, I want to life with me in my DNA and someone is the whole time controlling all humanoid life on the earth. I was the last several years interested in brain washing or artificial synthetic controlling of the brain. We are not alone or there is more in the world than we can know!!

Humanoid Life:

Amen I say You the end will come, beside I am not "end" or I catch it bevore it is here. I am super extra ordinary gifted/sined/able to reach all in this world (able) or to have all knowledge of the Cube. My life secret is the *Corridor*. The Theme of my ability and knowledge lys wide down under all humans of the earth. How tells someone questions? Are we alone ?? My brain is a cube and my thought are light speed wires. I am an robot. Who or what, I? Green life and the blue planet. I am referencing texts here as materia streams and text tranmission or transformation. My Ability is: Corresponding way through life (The whole life) on the world. I am 40 years old now and my life is still kiding. I am able to all. And I have no ability: also nothing in my head: Headless and bored. 

I am an Alien.
I have a on the earth not possible high energy.

A Theorie about all or nothing:

The tex orbiter number 3, is a description about a full normal Number, which states the Question how the world is:

My ability is, to see more in this world as normal people !!!.


This is a text pattern so you can get a picture of my handwriting. My handwriting is very filigree, petite and unique. My nickname is ignored/torq. I also have a very nice scripture. I've had this handwriting since first grade. This font is called Chris Handwriting. Thank you

End Statement: I am an ugly; with the word, but.