The unsuccessful attempt of a person:

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7, too good for this world.
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My person

Hy! Who knows me. My name is Christian Bayer. I am always feeling lucky and I think crazy things. After my curing in drugs, talking is not a problem anymore. The change of my old friends after drugs were very hard. I am still being a bit shy. Friends, my music and girls are the most important things I have.

Epilogue Chapter 2.

My e-Psychology website has Articles about Aid where I explain myself the real life. This is a summary about self induced lapse of taste. The real illness type is Low, and that explains the problem. I have my Visual Thinking. Love has no Medicine. We do pipilogy. We fully have no problem or anti-stress and SIl. Stop my death, right, all right. Street U99. BirthDaids is a nonsense word. This is the web. The blunting of humans is extraordinary complicated. My cybernetic network is the solved big thematic and Solution. IQAZ the solution website is here. This is tragedy. My inputs and concept.