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The Methuselah Project⁴
7, too good for this world
QouQou: "31"

The way I did @ Christian Bayer

I was born in a normal family, and I got a twin brother. My father and mother did very well. I got my first PC at the age of seven. I started to read web sites in the age of 14. My first criminal law was the independent home of a good hacker web site. Then, I started to get big, I got my own computer and got the office-distribution. There I had no imagination of Linux, so I started my work with Microsoft his MS-DOS. There I learned how to game and especially, how to complete official messages. In this mess, I started to make a web site that defined as a web site about law. I have not gotten a mope, or a motorbike because my parents pretended that it would be dangerous. So, and so forth I started to get my mouth off, I had many good friends, and we all were in a gymnastic club. This intended to be a good life for years.

Epilogue Chapter 2.

I explain my hobbies by the ideas I think. I write further in the articles how to get aid from others and hi self. Thiese Artciles about e-Psychology is a ratser against the power of lapse of taste. The high low illness thematic total explanation of it and for the type, I have my visual thinking. Love is the key for medicine. Anti-stress and pipilogy for SIL. silence. The death can be stp and we are going to survive. Street U99 a long way. The own win of BirthDaids. The web is full of errors Blunting is a bad way of normal behaviour. My wisdom thing is cybernetic and the solutions. Is it you, me is IQAZ. Tragedy of life. Concept is the inputs. I am the church or Chriss with me in luck. Much luck and long happiness. Greets Stoner Alien.