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The Methuselah Project Discrimination  MEDiAlity
, too good for this world.

Here is the German translation from my website as audiobook

Deutsches Hörbuch meiner Webseite

Es gibt hier das Hörbuchs als Video:

Vielen Dank fürs hören und viel Spaβ,
Christian Bayer.

1. My Video about the Princess of England.
2. My Media Diashow, without words. :-)
3. Tae Bo my favorite fight sport, I do not do (the video do not shows me).

Prolog Kapitel 2.

My audiobook can not be classified as psychose or maybe brain mistake. My own aid, I never needed, I do not need, but unfortunately I can open a whole Monopoly from it. I could probably write some social articles about it too. That's like the apple That's like the apple The Eve wanted to eat, he probably did not survive it. But you can not achieve anything by violence. That's why you should not get allergy for a long time.