e-Psychology Articles; lapse of taste.

The Methuselah Project Discrimination  MEDiAlity
, too good for this world.

Here is the German translation from my website as audiobook

Deutsches Hörbuch meiner Webseite

Es gibt hier das Hörbuchs als Video:

Vielen Dank fürs hören und viel Spaβ,
Christian Bayer.

1. My Video about the Princess of England.
2. My Media Diashow, without words. :-)
3. Tae Bo my favorite fight sport, I do not do (the video do not shows me).

Prologue Chapter 2.

This Hörbuch Psychose brings you my e-Psychology in audio Articles. I am very social and want to bring much aid with this, especially for german users. Prefent the lapse of taste with it or do other things.