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The Methuselah Project⁴
7, too good for this world
QouQou: "31"

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11.05.2020 11:28

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PWD Page, daed Master: Ability = Exaggerated, Page: Zielende, I am a free Human., QouQou: "Wims", Homer-mentate, MP elaztic, Cybernetic:,TOS, New page IQ !.
Over Constructors:
Handwriting, Money = Jux, Nation with aph,s, Nickname: Earth TWO, Fertig: LAST.
New Over Constructors:
Nick: 1, moral, Not Neural Lucky Text, Moral: Virtuoso.
Me is known that there so much things; that are not under my controll.
I am not able to see the full "pic of view" inside my psychosis.
I am lucky that P. Diana do not need to see this,
and that I have a deadly injection against drugs.
PPS: I am immune against LatschMukJukebox,
and everybody is pissed, until under the hair tip. (Haarspitze)
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Christian (Score)

time: 11.05.2020 11:40

Christian 2


PS: Prominent /-cin is conjuction.

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