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Promicin & Alien = toy: I am an artist, writing for the good mental life on my web page. I give You the knowledge how to entertain yourself with Music. After I worked so long at my web site, music got the important key. I love music because it is so entertaining. Music is for me the key fact in life. My own music collection is the importantly thing. I can hear it with my CD-player, my Computer, my MP3 Player. The best thing is that I only hear my bought and real CDs. To hear my CDs, I copy all on my computer as personal copies. Music is the key for my brain where it can say it relaxes.
Personal Information < Social | Aid: Do not go crazy here is my contact information and guestbook. Health is priceless. Human life is the most precious asset.
Time and effort with window: I spended 18 years of life, to bring you this situation of overlife. My life is burden now 40 years and my future damaged. After my long Journey I got after 19 years the analysis information programmed by the computer that I have a analysable bunch of pain, recognized by the computer and proof itself. The small goals lead to information. My computer made the analysis, of calculated pain, as my ability proof, in itself. The small goals lead to information philosophy and i am a poetican.
Nickname: X: I have ultra expensive psychology articles and insights in philosophy.
Nickname: blue: So my Ability is proven!!. I have no Ability, but a product.
No: My whole life happens in friendship. The stimulus leads to bigger things, joy of life and a lot of fun, are the nicest things in the world.
Psychenet: This home page is psychology and is a real nature.
Wellcome: If money could be given free away, this website do not need to be.
We realize P = NP: I fly until into heaven, but will I lose life, I will be Your the Son of Man , with light stream over the heavens door. My ability of 94IQ is a "open, reckless, style and darling" . I am a heavy worker with a 94iD IQ Ability.
The Meaning of Life: My life has no sense or situation, that can interpret the computer iQ output. My last thoughts predict I have a life of 2000 years with the civilisation of this. There is no real connection between, Interval, Methuselah and Civilization. My opinion is no tec as proof, no proof of all. So I am writing my Sense of Life article here. So all points in my brain correspondent with each other without that life has a meaning. So my life is garbage. Static is, the sense of life is not known and not to find out. We life in a population with much to less ways and that is so. Beside this all 3 words are right, so civilization is the proof and ended is the overall variable. I know that I did not knew it until long after my end of the whole life. A good long life. Attention, Philosophy Articles.

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Every double or triple quotient is a separate brain with which I have 30 brains (thoughts) in my head at the same time. This is a unique ability.

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Ps: I should take more care of my circulatory system!
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