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My person:
My life started in Hofweier near the city Offenburg. I am a funny person and I have the reason to life. I lived in a big house with my parents and a twin brother. I do not take drugs and I life in self-chosen freedom. I want to work, and I am working strong on myself. My main aims are now to get a starting job with a good work and career.

My aims:
In my life, I love to play Yamaha keyboard music or electronic music systems. I like doing good work with a group and to pay attention to my working friends and other members. I am every day friendly, and I do want to laugh much.

Sign. Christian Bayer

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My Person

Hy! Who knows me. My name is Christian Bayer. I am always feeling lucky and I think crazy things. After my curing in drugs, talking is not a problem anymore. The change of my old friends after drugs were very hard. I am still being a bit shy. Friends, my music and girls are the most important things I have.

The Way I did @ Christian Bayer

I was born in a normal family, and I got a twin brother. My father and mother did very well. I got my first PC at the age of seven. I started to read web sites in the age of 14. My first criminal law was the independent home of a good hacker web site. Then, I started to get big, I got my own computer and got the office-distribution. There I had no imagination of Linux, so I started my work with Microsoft his MS-DOS. There I learned how to game and especially, how to complete official messages. In this mess, I started to make a web site that defined as a web site about law. I have not gotten a mope, or a motorbike because my parents pretended that it would be dangerous. So, and so forth I started to get my mouth off, I had many good friends, and we all were in a gymnastic club. This intended to be a good life for years.

Design meets - Fashion

The bad side at this page is that it is not in style. We wear things and cannot imagine how the world is running us away. A new fact with us is the new work and working with finances, with that, to get back at the theme, we buy clothes and that what we want. We are not buying the whole time, but we buy what we self like. We wear what we like most, and for a longer time. Style is the best way to work around with what we are and how we feel. Nevertheless, we should not forget to blame and make angry no one. Several different styles are girls styles for example. Another example is the different wearing at different places at our body. However, to see this from a different point, we imagine we are at home of a good friend, and he is wearing the best trousers that we have ever seen, and we think I want the same! Nevertheless, it would never be the same for us, would not it? To do not talk, much I guess you: You should wear how you like it. Silly text, but it works probably at that. I do not want to say that anyone should wear something crazy, but sometimes it fits very well. To get more official you should not forget the right rings and ear-wear. To do your a bit more beautiful, you should use a bit of cream that you blink good. I am mentioning a good sunny and not cool perfume to taste fine. Your trousers colour should be preferably black and with high-heels and a good design, and please sport-shoes are so an old design. My fact is: All are people, but they all wear different designs.

My Hometown

I life near the end of a small village and there is every day the question where to go out with my friends. We now go to the Junior-Club party. It is a lot of fun to meet others because we believe to get being has seen by one another. I suggest a good hairstyle and normal clothes. The difference between old and new clothes is to wear them differently. How I get in touch is well-known. I am speaking like crazy and dance until the morning. My intention is to play the perfect boy. Hey, alcohol is super OUT and please minimally wait until you can invite someone. Visitors are arriving every minute. I prefer with my alcohol a cold Coca-Cola to be smarter.
The party finally ends when all doors are shut and love takes the whole night. In addition, I am telling not every evens the same story. An own problem is there fast discussed. You need a bit of fun yourself, to get in touch with the best times. Better was discussion about habits, your feels and your problems in the evening. Good fun should be the main task, and you should stay in touch with your main habits to do not stay unfriendly. In my own life, the most important thing was the right speech, but possibly are the facts maybe more important.
Think in your thoughts, already at your attention.

The old fund game

How it works:
The registration process is very fast.
Make a new post with the fund as headline.
Search the price in the frame.
Write the end, start and body volume in the frame.
We start with 100.000$.
Write the bit and volume in the next frame.


Official rules

Finally, I do not want to mention anything to all but bring a bit of space between us and our lifestyle and to blame not anything or someone. Instead, I need to say that several possibilities are better than the best normal meaning. Nevertheless, we are not here to discuss this nonsense, see in the eyes of soul and to habitually do not get such web sites. Nevertheless, do not intolerant the inconsequential in your surroundings. In addition, there will be the better good life.


I think sometimes early at the spring, but sometimes it is surprising me. I think the spring is a beautiful time. Because it has the right temperature and the right feels that it is the best scene for long walks and new trips with friends. The theme is the spring and its beautiful thoughts. I think very happy to these scenes. Perhaps we sit at the beautiful grass and talking a good long time. The past has shown that there is no better situation as sitting in the grass and talking, all times. There were sometime times you can sit and talk to everybody about so many differently themes. Here, it could be that you use problems, and that you lose touch with what you are remembering. Many people are talking many unrelated stories that the best fact is to cross the situation silently. To start the theme over again you need attention to go in your surroundings back. A simple situation could be so hard that you lose control at the profanity for your time in spring. The thoughts at coming holidays are a hard main fact according to life and hope and to give a reason to the way we life. Hope and memories are often dispatched and are relations for me to think about the sense of words and feels. Someone who is viewing a memory is: Someone who will be loved. To start the spring you should get again to know how you fine your memories. I am coming without to see all literally only to one answer. My wisdom is: I am thinking only from myself according to my past thoughts I did relate with other.

Suggestions I

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Suggested II

Do the best advertisement. Every business is impracticably without it. Therefore, you should first use a banner- or hit exchange.

Suggesting III

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Suggests IV

Many people like it cool and this is cool: Find the association to your user.

You can, we know !

The own collection of games and tools for freaks at computer: I want to report about computer to give an overview about them. Nevertheless, I will not give you examples how to hack a network, but instead give a wide view about operating systems and software. To discuss this a bit closer I would start with operating systems. Forget the madness about cracks and hacks. Instead, you should be more interested in using and working with your system. Systems can be operated with a hidden user window, this means your start and end is the key fact that you need to know. Over the graphic of 32-Bit until high-end Soft-, Graphic- and Music software of 160-Bit. My suggestion is you should speak with a friend. Let us get up in the professional, you are unable to defeat hard boys, but we are connecting to a large network with different computers. We could, and I suggest it, load the software-trial then go to buy a good cheap version that has your interest. In this manner, updates are here essential. With that, you are improving the good programming network, and you are getting big archives of support. Further manipulation at the operating systems for Java and other software should be necessary. User settings and compilations are inside the system for licenses or services included. About, user software, which is able to come from and to sell is your software much influenced. With hard work is it necessary to train thoughts and to get business know-how for your base station. The ability to use software is appending from facts and known working for wisdom that let you get in touch with the several engine components.
Facts are only tasks, be aware of do not learn more, be cool and make your Staff.

English / Deutsch

This is a story from a real TV series in America and Germany: The 4400.

Promicin is in this series mentioned as a medicine that makes it possible for the brain to process an additional neurotransmitter: mentioned Promicin. Neurotransmitters are heterogeneous biochemical materials that makes it possible for the brain to reach certain brain regions.
Into these TV series it concerns that Promicin is illegally distributed since there are 4.400 humans who has special abilities, which over this "medicine" can be attained from not 4400 to be able to get such abilities.
In the normal brain not all ranges of the brain is used. Promicin leads from there to that more brain regions can be used by the brain.
The normal brain processes by nature only four neurotransmitters. Promicin makes it possible therefore that Promicin is used as further neurotransmitters by the brain.

The series acts besides of it that a situation must have been created, in which 4400 and normal humans can peacefully exist next to each other. In the series it is, however, continued to describe that Promicin leads for 50% of the people to death, why in the series the government by displeases the "4400 reconditions" the Promicin positives, by explained Promicin for illegally.

Inside PS: Do not get in panic, I am still alive. :-)!

Das ist ein Bericht aus einer echten TV Serie in Amerika und Deutschland: Die 4400.

Promizin ist darin genannt als eine Medizin, die es dem Gehirn ermöglicht einen zusätzlichen Neurotransmitter zu verarbeiten: Promizin genannt. Neurotransmitter sind heterogene biochemische Stoffe die es dem Gehirn ermöglichen auf bestimmte Gehirn Regionen zuzugreifen.
In dieser TV Serie geht es darum, dass Promizin illegal verteilt wird, da es 4.400 Menschen gibt die über besondere Fähigkeiten verfügen, welche über diese "Medizin" auch von nicht 4400 erlangt werden können.
Im normalen Gehirn werden nicht alle bereiche des Gehirns ausgenützt. Promizin führt daher dazu, dass mehr Gehirn Regionen vom Gehirn benützt werden können.
Das normale Gehirn verarbeitet von natur aus aber nur vier Neurotransmitter. Promizin ermöglicht deshalb, dass Promizin als weiterer Neurotransmitter vom Gehirn verwendet wird.

Die Serie handelt zudem davon, dass eine Situation geschaffen werden muss, in der 4400 und normale Menschen friedlich nebeneinander existieren. In der Serie wird aber weiter beschrieben, dass Promicin bei 50% der Personen zum tod führt, weshalb in der Serie die Regierung zum missfallen des "4400 Wiederstand" der Promizin Positiven, Promizin für illegal erklärt.

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