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The pill against frustration

The whole power of the world is only a grain of rice, and
every wealth is worthless.
Lustfeels - intimate thoughts;
You are not worth it.
== All for free ==.
Nickname: Default.
The whole earth is a vain sunshine.
The word: Big Jonny.
The endless Love of God and the fight for the truth. Pasiva bachelle de estimate en gros; medacione.
Update: The study of a IQ of 94 points states that this people tend to be open, reckless and the sitting male; flying freely in the air; = IQ and DNA. Welcome to Money, Surprise, Cloud. In Real: Exotechnic (Schnapp Schnapp). I can fly !! I am not a box?? and so closes the circle. #GoldRing. Attention musicboxi: until the insensitivity, I have no thoughts. Point of no return. To the bitter end! Our Nicholas and Easter Bunny and Christmas Child. God on earth. Relative with God. Agressor, Transpirent, FULL. :Updates ended.
A studie of my IQ with 94 points states: So people are very open, reckless and jumpy.
The proof in my IQs of doubles and tribles, are simply a interpretation of pain, which are showing in my tests but which are not present in my brain. My illness is just a very high Bio+ Energy.
The rule is the skill.
A lot of attention for nothing.
Ich ende mit den Worten: H.O.H. .
Ich bin eine Quasselstrippe.
Who ∨∧ What + Why?
    Brinsgi-HAHAvers  white Sheep Sperma !!

I set absolutely now: My Homepage on the ground.
Newsflash: Agressor.

Nothing is more hatefull treated by People as the ground we walk on.
Who or/and what, with ability: the Ground.
The ground to life, the ground to be.
My - Project - ends here.
Or: I am or: Sperma.
Summe: Brinsgi HAHAvers, Lepara Nalistnics.
P=NP=r-Calculator / Populistic. (Stress-Free).
This means: Cross-Quotient / Cross-Section.
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