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Adventures of the
Gummi Bears

Who /or/ what am I, with ability?
Who am I in questioning what?
My Kids, Family, Friends.

Here lives a dwarf, with dwarf talent.

The Doctor and His Medicine:
Doctor Christian Bayer from OG. wants to show you how he was cured.
As Nr.1lust and electric energy. Lust, lust. No more Psychosis + Nr.1lust & ElectroBiology [KrickelKrackel]:
It is a super big game in which you get well and free of your problems very quickly. Furthermore, I can make it clear that there is a way out of our current situation that anyone can go. And with a lot of fun to improve his situation and restructure his complete thoughts. This results in a better life.This medicine can lead, among other things, to the re-enjoyment of one's life and that every person nowadays gets a real big chance. All in this universe is based on problem. Any small approach is a big impact. Everything has a meaning, but even a small problem can have a big impact. Nothing on this planet is as it was, but we can talk nicely how it will look at it. Everything has a dimension and a meaning and a dynamic real transmission. I am a Gummy Bear. I am a product of myself, that is me. Off the roll; We get (straight) down to the nitty-gritty. I am nothing sure! Bility oldselfie
Who is watching more closely can notice that I have a problem guidance that is visible from the outside. I can work and think particularly well, so that everyone benefits from me financially. My gift is money, in other words. My problem has no beginning and no end, but you can handle me and love me without any problems. Means I'm a love bear, or so on, or damn nice. My own life oscillates between the effects down and bizarre and up and down, completely lost my mind but still happy and great. The unknown virus doesn't kill me, but everything on this earth is going its way. So I conclude by saying that: the so-called equal opportunities must be restored.
The disease is: After my three nonsense tests, with IQnet, sos test, guci:
I know that I know nothing.
PS:️ Dwarf
Have fun reading!,
Your Mental Philosopher.

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