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My Ability - Proof

The Little Pigi

Love, sex and hugs


8:10 am: I realize with the scheme copy procedure that I can copy very well. With regard to the entire copied 200 pages of my homepage.
All important: saved a woman, been shot, been raped, flown a plane, made love. All right. All good.
Who or/and what am I? With my ability? When the love comes, you can't escape any more. Stop line !! Followed by: Dissquander (verscherung) & Blind Love. I am the KID. Rewind: Brighter than the sun. Motto: This is to die. Remember !!! Say a simple word and my "helping aid" will be health. This is the lOVE. Point. Black like the Night. Novel. - Create, a medicine against bloodshed. 4444?
Just 4 Fun !!!