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4400 Proimicine Theory

This is a story from a real TV series in America and Germany: The 4400.
Promicin is in this series mentioned as a medicine that makes it possible for the brain to process an additional neurotransmitter: mentioned Promicin. Neurotransmitters are heterogeneous biochemical materials that makes it possible for the brain to reach certain brain regions.
Into these TV series it concerns that Promicin is illegally distributed since there are 4.400 humans who has special abilities, which over this "medicine" can be attained from not 4400 to be able to get such abilities.
In the normal brain not all ranges of the brain is used. Promicin leads from there to that more brain regions can be used by the brain.
The normal brain processes by nature only four neurotransmitters. Promicin makes it possible therefore that Promicin is used as further neurotransmitters by the brain.

The series acts besides of it that a situation must have been created, in which 4400 and normal humans can peacefully exist next to each other. In the series it is, however, continued to describe that Promicin leads for 50% of the people to death, why in the series the government by displeases the "4400 reconditions" the Promicin positives, by explained Promicin for illegally.
Inside PS: Do not get in panic, I am still alive. :-)!