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A No to Violence
I am not God

Here is the Genial Christian Bayer ?!.


I have no regrets

Super Ability

My Intelligence Quotient: is that I include a:
Linguistic Quotient of 107Q what is a mirp Prime Number? A Logic of 94Q is the constellation in 49 of my whole system and a double. And a Visual Quotient of 86Q means it is 13. Also, my not good sum The quotient of 94iQ (also Logiced) as deads as meaning and an as very similar included sub quotients in other intelligence.
There is in my thinking: I have no regrets. I have so-called cell intelligence.
Who or What am I? I am the hardest thing on earth and ("pregnant") the highest hardcore provider in ability.
This website is aimed at curing Money. I am God; Nobody is perfect.
Have fun reading; I wish you a nice day.

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Thanks for your time and effort.

sincerely yours WX