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A No to Violence


A funny story about my whole life


Brain-Break: Promethazin: Medical anti-voice and hallucination medicine; be sexy. (Atosil) Be The Last to GO. [psychologically valuable]
Title: Sexuality problems by Voices-Gossip: passion the killer.

Digest version:
I love my life. My nickname is Kris., and I'm mind manager and database designer. I am shy and dear friends, music and women. My first computer had MS-DOS and I was active in clubs. My life is without money. I love drinking Coca-Cola. I have a very high body volume. You are Finished. We're full of nonsense. I prefer: rest and summer. Marketing is important professionally. I'm no longer addicted to digital crime. The secret game of the 4400 (TV series) is out.

The Sexual Lust Therapy is called CCMWJ and is a jukebox information set! Simple text: Yes or No. I don't sell anything (or anything). #Degradation. There is a German First Version. The singer LaFee is my art of love. Help me tell the story. I can be reached by E-Mail. QuoQuo = Overlife in love? I'm a naked person. We're just too good. So: I am: "I am the love.". Alias: Blue. My writing word is: love. Combatting is thematically a corruption. I am completely inimitable. I am me. This is a business card in a homepage. In addition, we also have philosophy articles. Lunatic and the world? The yoga cluster became real. No power. And now it's over.
Have fun reading!
I wish you a nice day,
Your C. Bayer (inventor)
Conclusion: Nothing is true.
The secret of my Ability is: Attraction
Reason: The Anti-Virus / Quality of life, .
Who and/or what am I, with the talent?
Dust: Over and Out :Superlative
My opinion: This is a little bad joke, done.
Deeplink: 8
Cutoff: Max Musterman

Underwrited with
Christian Bayer