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A No to Violence


A funny story about my whole life

Copyright Computer Music Website Juckebox

Sexual desire therapy

I am an artist, writing for the good mental life on my web page.
I give You the knowledge how to entertain yourself with Music.

Music is for me the key fact in life.
My own music collection is the importantly thing.
The best thing is that I only hear my bought and real CDs.
Music is the key for my brain where it can say it relaxes.
Name: Copyright Computer Music Website Jukebox.

Only use original CDs.
There must be more than one CD playable.
Computer, MP3 player, CD-player.
All your CDs (ripped).
No copyright intrusion or not own CDs.
Tracks in the right order.
The same format for all tracks.
No robbed CD in your media library.
Sort the folders, how you like it.
Extra: Best sound is "Normal".
PS: play only copyright, CD after CD,
show title tag (import/add).
Hear also something other.
Name: Copyright Computer Music Jukebox.

Christian Bayer