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A No to Violence


A funny story about my whole life

From Christian Bayer

Promicin 2 - Copy

since 03.01.2002
to 30.11.2064

Webseiten Verlauf: Erfolgs Marketing:

Organisch: Bedeutet meine Hochverantwortlichen und ganz normale Menschen schauen gerne die Seite an, wenn ich sie ihnen direkt empfehle.

Viral: Meine eigene durch Leistung und öffentlich Vermittelte Präsenz.

Dioptrien: Beachte man also die Impressions seines Suchmaschinen Eintrags. / Alles ist um meinen Kopf, aber man weis nicht was als nächstes kommt.

Diese Operanten sind die Mittel für eine Fröhliche Erfolgsmessung. Und erbringen gute/bessere Stimmung.

Web pages summary and content:

QuoQuo = Where but ever. And they will bow and kneel all over in the world.
Who and/or what am I, and my talent? I am: "I am love".
Wer und/oder was bin ich, und meine Begabung? Ich bin: „ich bin die Liebe”.
- Der Computercode ist: Schläger. The Computation code is: Slapper.
I have no Ability, but a product. Nothing is Real!!
Who are you? No, you are just yourself.

(DE:) Die Krankheit heist: Zurrungen.
Who and/or what am I and my Ability? No company (-website).
Me is: I am: "I am the Love"!
This Medicine Lifestyle is a, "pure Placebo".
Fap and religion!
Cite: I am, I am "The Love"; so a piece of dirt.
A medicine against all mental disorders.
I'm like the rain. (irrational).
Statement: I have a unbreakable Will..
[Mental richest Human].

Short Summary: Kurz: I am: I am „the Love“, love. #fick religion. ePsychology. German/Worldview! So timeless in Eden. Fantastology. Genetic. Say cheese!

4400 Aliens:
Miserable: I am my whole life.
My new name: Er ist, ein Alien? Nullified.
Es ist nur Liebe…

Wise Words:
It is love...
I love my life!!
The full volume Sex.

Promicin, Aliens: Wrong hope into psychopathetic !!! Promicin & Alien = toy PS: Promicine is like the missing of imaginatet reality, thats like having no dreams and feels.

Have a nice Day, Happy Day.

End of my site (the Homepage says good bye)
Time and effort with window
I spended 18 years of life, to bring you this situation of overlife. I am crazy, down, and poor, but I hope this gets well. My main intelligence is the four tricks: "I am, I am the love", density love, D4 and troll. I will not give up but there is no imaginated money and no high work. (see: PS). My life is burden now 40 years and my future damaged. I wish all much pleasure with my page. I hope the world is again Okay on the future and that all beings get well. I know I am psychopathic and you know where to find me. In my mind and in my soul. This is the Terminator text.

After my long Journey I got after 19 years the analysis information programmed by the computer that I have a analysable bunch of pain, recognized by the computer and proof itself. This is important. (See PS). All things in this world are relative and react at each other. So my high dimensional website, with energys and dynamics and artificial intelligence; comes to an end.

To be or not to be, that is the Question? The life is non-existent, black ..
COMPUTed Pain Ability #prominent #media #social #public .
I am an infant Promizin inhibitor called 4400. #Fantasy #sauce

PS: Promicin alias Nicimorp is a medication to develop new health conditions like infants, as a gene manipulation.
PPS: I don't conform with anyone.
I'm getting old like Methuselah: #play #instinct, #imagination, #sauce. The senselessness of being. Some people say: I am an insightful person. Medical homepage !! meta.htm. I am the thing. Mega-Dom: Because social values in philosophy and medicine or similar (Mega + Dom) only existed in 981 years. The foundation of all humanities is the degree course or "knowledge". D4 & A1 + Megadome. Please troll. Unlikely. Second: the nice money. Church: the Son of Man. !! Promizin is Prominal? The End. The small goals lead to information. My last words: ? End. Mega-Domme

Who or what and I is my ability?
I am, I am: The love. - My computer made the analysis, of calculated pain, as my ability proof, in itself. - The density is love. - Implosion !!!.
I am a spinning. I am the main thing. The small goals lead to information philosophy and i am a poetican. I am psychotic and you know where to find me.

Epilogue chapter:
The site end of my homepage, says good bye. We have a window with time and effort for the worker use.
Prologue 2 Chapter:
I am crazy and poor. !! Pleasure !! I am getting an methuselah age. The page will never die, and is further onside the next 981 years.

processing finished; annuled !!!.

Open Word of Power: euer Geld magitieren könnt ihr euch in Arsch stecken; meiner Meinung nach.

pro Fitness-Slipstream

Body Volume
Hello dear diary,
Compensation is
Having seen that I have gone through all my intelligence, and am now sure I am for an ID (Identification), am I not sure in the emotional amount of my thoughts that that is also the last aspect? I have already analyzed my dreams with my Apple Watch, and I also monitored my pulse with it. It has also been created that I have made a DNA test, which may fit, more on that later, and I have a risk of schizophrenia, which also refers to my pulse is in order. I have a gift which is the shizophrenia respectively and has to be and become hebephrenia, and so I have direct conversion of money into matter in hebephrenia and in reverse.

PS: Plot: The body content (of me) of a person says the total amount; of “intellectual wealth”. This is emotionally analyzed correctly and the overall principle is correct.

So it is the case that, for me a very large piece of the body situation of my: Corporal limb is missing: this error is so that I miss the highest amount; and Synergy is not functional? PS End: Since I have reached my healing spectrum, I am immune to K PS., Which means I have no future problems on my LINK; and own my ID. Now: this means that we all live with the wrong reason !! The biggest passive outside of content is luck.

Don't get into a corner, there are many creatures on Earth.


Christian Bayer