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My way to Health

My Statement:
I have no social problem.
I am not a pig, and I do not splash around.
I must behave as a human being in such a way that every human being can live with me.
The problem (six) is, first of all, solvable by me as a self-responsible being.
The greatest wealth of me is not money, but virtues.
Money is not my highest good, but God's earth.
I act in such a way that I can answer for it with my conscience.
Everything I do or make is without danger.
Every person has the right to live.
I believe in religion.
I ask my opinion.
I would protect any life where I am able.
A woman and women are in need of protection.
I talk about my feelings.
I do not lie.
I am confident and human, as with the support of others aware.
Everything I say here I have written myself and have the responsibility for it.
Love the next.
Live in honor.
Do not do anything you will regret later.
Be happy and grateful.
Do not do violence, no matter to any person.
Use your knowledge.
Love rightly, believing you are going to heaven.
Love every day, and every time all over again.
Try to do everything right and be sincere.
Yes, I think that's it!


Secondary Statement:

And what do we learn from this? Don't create things that are beyond your ability to think and don't play with viruses on a website.

Resolved that, lust is the killer. This personal Homepage safes Thoughts. Buzz: I am: I am love. Attention: We write about: Personal Data. Modus: Delicate, filigree, petite. My cyber product is a copyright computer music jukebox,

with that we produce FUN.

Project: Nullo?

This makes a Healthment: from A-B.

PS: Use it as it is. Use it at your risk. And as long as you want.
Fun playing, Thanks to Everybody.