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According to your test information, you have felt severely impaired by the physical symptoms listed in the last 4 weeks. This can most likely be an indication of a somatoform disorder. If your physical complaints persist over a longer period of time, lead to significant suffering and significantly impair everyday life, without a medical examination having established a physical cause, there is talk of a somatoform disorder.
Please speak to your doctor or psychological psychotherapist about the result of this test.

Be and stay Yourself
{} I still have a secret suspicion in the problem of completely recognizing and curing the problem. I guess for 20 years that my organs in the body do not cause me to e.g. lose my youthfulness (today) through safer sex or penetration. So that's important, but I basically go as far as there are facts in the body or sex area: e.g. Desire for children and bull bleeding which should have been broken for a long time but are still completely present in the body! So I conclude that the, Attention: overall approach to psychiatric help is explanatory and research and help, classifications (sentence) to mitigate: Hebephrenia (Hebbie), physical weakness and including the voices, the one of which could be particularly cured and helped.

Mnemotechnic verse: There is nothing left to be added. And the end of the story? PS that's me: To be or not to be, that is the Question? The life is non-existent, black .. PS: text analysis, doctor Plan-Quad: Nobody is like me! Nickname: Redhead LOFE: Lost, Ordinal, Fist, Extreme. ILLNESS: Hebephrenia Complaints. I am a cigarette. a throw-away package.

My Psyche: