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  1. This is a health therapy for the; Pain Point !!!!!
  2. I am a Computer with fantasy.
  3. PSY: Redfoxes, I am like the Moon .

It is on the 13th. December, 8:26 o'clock:
my thing is HebbeVreni (Trendsetter). {HappyVreni}; Hebbephrenia.
Big World Keys: HebbeVrenia, (Trendsetter), {HappyVrenia}.
I do not change the world, instead, I'm building on my own. Thank you.
Now it's about the sausage! (Planquadrat: Saucage).

It is on the 14th. December, 07:53 / 13th. 21:24 o'clock:
I discovered that the output of Romeo and Julia is that "to be or not to be" and the end of the story mentions that the word that is solving this is: Stagio, that describes that not hell and death (Destroy) is the sense instead it is so that going to a bottom stage in the that to discover the underground as meaning to (in latin) meaning walk to the bottom of a normal existence or to life not high is the theme. Existing in a lower stage of life, having a bottom near social place. So this is the ability and way that has the solution as what Stagio means.

 Your, the Recall.  Pointe: Deep Blue Sea.