The illness is: WEB


I am my side.:

Schemata Working-gifted: ≠ Ability (my IQ): 107 = Prime number, 94 = End Result, 86 = means Visual, 94Q = open and risky. IQ: 381p. So my Ability is proven!!.
Proton: I am the Love, small upper AIDS Virus, Death.

I have no Ability,

but a product.

Nothing is Real:

#: ≠ !!

Amortales (Auto) fiktibles System:
Who and/or what am I, and my talent? I am: "I am love" . - The Computation code is: BULLY.
Wer und/oder was bin ich, und meine Begabung? Ich bin: „ich bin die Liebe”. - Der Computercode ist: Schläger.
Your proof of God's final existence.
Dein Beweis fuer Gottes endgueltige Existenz.

Nested loop: 0,0
RZW: 3 Letters that describe me.

Have a nice Day