I am not Silly

My Psycho Poem

Cuffs of Love

I am a boy full of love, dieing every day.
Walks through the night of psychology, every time bent in the dark.
The world of my heart is full of pain and helplessness
while living in the world of earth.
Living half death and fully alive be bent to my miss understood soul.
Living in a world without love, comming not out of life.
Be Jailed by the cuffs of state, jailed until my body is death.
Love exists but no one understands how to life with behind cuffed hands.
The dark world made their decision I am alone forever inside the dark.
Left behind 11 years of pain, my soul is dark my heart is full.
Never ending happy, short light in the dark;
will my soul fly away surrounded from when it's dark?
Neverending nowhere, the whole world sucks.

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