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The Medicine against Money

Net-Name: Roman Ferdinand


The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.
DE: Ein gutes Leben ist inspiriert von Liebe und wird von Kenntnissen begleited.

proof: (Norse-Alo!)           

I am the *product* of: EITAO.

Nig: Norse-Alo!; Nickname2: Black Shadow;
PS: Ability proof = Norse-Alo!. Nick: Manager and blablabla.

DNA: 12470GAC
PS: deviation from the norm.
Topic: Feel the erotic rhythm of the melody.
Quote: I am, I am love; 24Brains; a Dwarf; ramifications/branching; affects.
DNA and standard deviation: 1247GAC, 35.75IQ .
I'AM open, daring and can pack a lot, with a quotient of 94IQ.

My word is curious and simple,
I have an allergy against: cotton (in toilett paper).
I am a lion.

Memory: "Hobbys" I'AM open, daring and can take a lot;
the proof: is my Voice; with a quotient of 94IQ.
Dictator or FanGon or Crox?
Sentence: Ich bin das was ich mache.

With nothing people deal worse than with: Manatismus  .
This is the testimony of the head topic: Flaunts in the head.
Mit nichts gehen die Menschen schlechter um als mit: Manatismus .
Dies ist die Bezeugung des Kopf Themas: Flausen im Kopf.
Erklaerung  Explanation
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